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G2.114BIKE, G7240.BIKE

Kategoria: Ogumienie
Producent: RAVAGLIOLI [produkty]

G2.114BIKE features:

  • Compact motorized wheel balancer with built-in BIKE flange for 14mm center hole BIKE rims
  • Possibility to be installed on a working bench or to be used for mobile application or to be completed with the support cabinet (GAR363)
  • Possibility to order additionally the BIKE flange for 10mm center hole rims
  • Availability of a full range of centering accessories (ask for our new BIKE balancing accessories Guide!)

G7240.BIKE features:

  • Turntable for BIKE wheels with clamping capacity from 6” to 24”
  • Sturdy plastic toolhead for BIKE wheels with adjustable positioning angle
  • Side bead breaker for BIKE wheels
  • Special easy-tool feature allowing to insert the tool head effortlessly
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